This Brand is about you!

Posted by Christina Mathis on

For two year I have wondered why launching this brand has been so difficult. I had all the confirmation I needed to be motivated in my spirit that this was the direction I needed to go but in my mind I had nothing to offer. I had major creativity block and at the time absolutely no motivation. I didn't even think I was capable if creating anymore. For two years I would start and stop. Then finally in march 2020 I had a grand idea. Invited sone ladies that felt some of the same struggles I felt after having a baby, being heavier and having no time to dress up. I offered these ladies a complete makeover and photoshoot with some of the pieces that I styled. The event was a success but what I didn’t foresee was COVID 19. I was ok with a 3week quarantine and then back to business. Well 3 weeks turned into a month into a year later and here we are enjoying the outside breeze. I’d like to say that COVID and social distancing delayed process but in the grand scheme of things this is what I learned: This business is a me, it’s about you, it’s about life transitions and overcoming, it’s all about knowing who you are and what you represent. Things were hard because I lost myself. Circumstances put me on situation where I couldn’t create because what I would’ve created wasn’t a reflection of me. I was detached. I could give birth to the vision because the vision I would have delivered would not have been mine. So how did I get her to launch day July 15, 2022? I pressed and I pushed. I asked myself critical questions, the first being who am I? The truth is that I am unique and I cannot be put into a box of anything. I am who I am and God loves me for being exactly who he created me to be. The thing is we have titles and roles that we take on in like, and who we are helps us to be great at those things but they do not define us. When you come to this site I want you to come with yourself your story and choose how you want to express yourself, authentically. Sis this boutique is not about what others see but what you see. This brand is about you, the real authentic you. This is a message from the CEO and Owner of Chicly Sealed. Be Chic and Sealed!